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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 22, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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$49 million of water rushed through the dam and to the san francisco bay and this is water that would of essentially been used by people in fremont and newark and union city according to officials as a model of water was enough to supply 500 homes. >> reporter: now back out here live we look at that area that was usually had water and but does not because the damage that was done as an flyball them has been called a news for 30 years but officials tell me they don't believe that this was unintentional act and as of right now the suspect information has been released/ >> darya: plane crash kills one person not much of the plan is less hesitancy from these ariels courtesy of how tough the partnership base's seven your castro valley off interstate 580
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not far from polymeric drug that faces initial information the single engine cessna concord to the airport in san jose it is scheduled land in san jose yesterday scheduled reported missing on clear what caused a plan to go down the pilot was only person on board identity is not yet been confirmed. >> george: cravat was last night strong enough for people the feel it as far south as, and a 4.1 and your will turns out on the same fault line as the storm that earlier this month. "billy fault extends north and at but encountered so far with small concord with tucker section of the green valley fall and this is a northern extension of the green valley fall >> george: close in napa kron 4
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and carmen is right now or getting word of damage in that area but to no? kmart damage between your will and say holiness' possibly talking about the local crossroad bridge testing close between highway 29 silverado trail was happening there as that this bridge all set for placement to your project to begin just and a couple weeks by what happened was because the earthquake existing cracks on the old bridge have gone even bigger because the structures that support the british started the subtle making the cracks bigger and now they decided that it's just not safe to keep this bridge open. >> reporter: the thinking at this point for now the bridge will be closed in both directions because they deem it to be on safe. again this is the logo crossroads bridge located between somalia and not bill here in downtown napa no damage at all ec behind me this is old
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courthouse was damaged back august as you can imagine people even though the quake has very little trouble here of people were a bit on edge winetasting the main focus annapolis several people in the downtown area. august's 6.0. private buildings still being retrofitted and government buildings as for thursday's 4.1 quake during that bill knapp goes unscathed in prison and out spacek and building that had hardened damaged in the quake you wanna make sure then discover any new damage of any kind northport's of any water line breaks and so for all in good shape all had very little physical impact in napa it did serve as a reminder of what happened here back in august. surprise"on how my heart raced
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to the 4.1 and would not even noticed it out of got out an earthquake and got about my business if that with this one asset down and grabbed my dog and waited for discontinue i didn't i as relieved what really unnerved. >> reporter: people treating it as if it was in the other day. no guitar or doesn't get the damage really bad. "it's like that it's a reminder to always be prepared. >> reporter: thus the big takeaway always be prepared you never know is repeating the monkey news about today is the decided that of the crossroads bridge between said helena and that bill is no longer safe and due to the cracking in the bridge there was existing cracking and just get worse as a
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result of the art look-alike era is now been closed down. >> george: continues after a hundred thousand gallons of crude oil spilled near santa barbara to stay following the beach's ocean and was listed of california the city of santa barbara declared a state of emergency this week today we heard from the houston-based company at the center of this mess planes all-american pipeline. "behalf of a planned family here in california tinge 50 employees live here and more than 5000 police across the united states we will commit to doing everything in our power to make this right and turning things back to where they were. >> george: it will help with ongoing cleanup in federal regulators have not order the pipeline company to take a series of steps before restarting that line.
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traffic >> darya: heavy through much of the bay area but a level it here at the bay bridge toll plaza you see here paying with cash awaiting a long time fast- track drivers are sailing through a live picture at the golden gate bridge and people getting out this the city prisoners gone at this time will tell speedster at the bay area could be worse produce the red most of the major highways serve the bay bridge right here trying to get around 101 and ran from the east bay 680 year 80 is a mess along the east bay and highway 92. so going hear the talk of a bridge in the spun direction to take a live look at the san mateo bridge piquancy traffic could be worse so slight difference in a few hours kron 4 scott races live near that sematech average traffic will be shutting down entirely later tonight. >> reporter: will get all lot
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worse all over the weekend it will be shut down and that means the other bridges the bay bridge and dumbarton bridge will be absorbing all that traffic plan on traffic nightmare all throughout the bay area this weekend set by the way here right now presoak as you mentioned it and see all the lanes open that will change so here soon and a couple hours in paris. to see equipment out here they are getting ready to shut down the bridge it and continue work and receive the first time it was a mess drivers rerouted their confused really a traffic might nightmare this was caltrans crews will be out here resurfacing parts of average also during repairs the electrical system on the bridge routine maintenance that the the get done that is getting done but again that bridge will be closed all set the memorial day weekend and come back out here
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take another live look at the toll plaza i can tell you one line will start being close was 7:00 tonight and be a cure for that jury that live mets have a clock that will be shutting down the bridge complete please say what the will to get on our off the bridge in their from this side or the other side of the foster city said the bridge will have to make other arrangements and are expecting a hopefully have the bridge reopened 5:00 a.m. monday morning. >> darya: miller returned or bar is closing two of its stations and coliseum and crews to do work like this the shutdown begins early tomorrow morning. last until 8:00 a.m. monday in the entire weekend obviously not a matter talk about. bart does have of bus bridge alternate that the trip could take up to
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our. crews performing track maintenance which barred says is absolutely necessary in order to keep that stretch of track open and for planning purposes next week and the dow will drive closure near the golden gate bridges postponed and the shutdown also known as personal parkway will occur once crews can finish testing safety and communications systems and the tall the systems designed to protect drivers from toffler. rob >> reporter: by two megatrend restrain the clerk they did leave with merchandise the clerk was not injured surveillance video here at the mets later ec them trying to restrain the clark suspects the 20 and 30 wearing khaki shorts a black hat and an asian man between 20 and 30 with a black sweatshirt with white squares on the hood and by cargo shorts
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petaluma police are hoping for help from the public. when i see this and helping them track guzman down. the gourmands first-inning court today after a crash killed four people last week 23 year-old james and brownouts arraigned on charges including gross have the his the manslaughter by intoxication four counts of driving under the influence and alcohol chp says that he was driving drunk when he lost control of his car tuesday hitting as a concrete drainage ditch all four passengers killed if convicted he at the faces more than 22 years in prison and the cause a deadly crash began to a bus and a fedex truck or than a year later we are getting some answers and call it a fun of the times a tank contains hundreds of gallons of water so and from a construction site details coming up at san jose family
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demanding justice by they want the federal investigation into the police shooting in san jose coming of >> reporter: the bay bridge steam partly cloudy skies out there more details on the return of '70s and maybe even
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>> catherine: of lotto brings us updates and finance partner. the station by the time the district attorney's office has cleared to send us a state police officers. including the fatal shooting near campus last year. were justified. the man's partner lori velez of the investigation is a whitewash. >> reporter: 38 year-old was shot and killed for yuri 21st 200014-concertation from two university cops lopez attacked them with a saw blade ignored orders to drop the blade and that they opened fire only as a last resort the other says does not the way happens lopez had
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methamphetamines in his system and tell the says that he was a gentle man and did not do drugs and a language barrier that contributed to the situation criticized the lack of charges in the case.
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>> catherine: 2 year-old assistant coach from the best pitch sent us a later merged with the team named pitched diamonds in this investigation led to an arrest trying may 7th at her san jose home and they're continuing to look for more victims. >> grant: pecks driver that i'm i'm not exactly why that happened according to chp investigation stunning images from interstate 5 last year philip high-school students was hit by the fedex piggin the jabbered drifted across a median crashed head-on from near chico entebbe will die including five students both the driver's and two chaperons on the tour bus that was the same seven telephone systems humble stay as part of a program. the facts driver will be to roll to nevins and good health to speed
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says that the driver menace a turning motion and he may fall asleep at the wheel and not medical condition. >> catherine: officially over the international launch of the union said that members have a clue to a fair fight deal again cargo flown to port of oakland and this video from our partnership with abc seven and they handle about a trillion dollars in exports imports each year now that the contract is bolt over the two sets according alice restore confidence that the west coast port will not be crippled by a teacher contract disputes historic offer accepted today regarding california drought they'll make it 25 percent voluntary water cut because they're hoping to avoid deeper mandatory future cuts and the regulators have agreed to this proposal the deal involved
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farmers in the sacramento delta area 17 river an offer came as officials warned their days away from the biggest mandatory cuts and more than 30 years and a strange story that could be assigned the time somebody stolen a water tanker from a job site during the drought could be worth a lot of money. >> reporter: stolen 500 gal. water tanker the tv news right here on the landscape construction site near the caldecott tunnel in oakland this say that when they get the job site he couldn't believe that it was gone. never"seemed this for 15 years and i got more quickly but not a lot of water tank.
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>> reporter: relieves that these these acted and darkness of early morning he believes that these products trucked buy back up the attached it to the trailer and took off with the water abroad whatever it tanked to use and they use a hose off equipment. >> annie: adding over to the sierra tahoe area today you will encounter some scattered showers some thunderstorms do keep in mind that sonora are now
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back open right now so that will not impact you travel again towner some lightning strikes heading out toward truckee due to scattered showers and thunderstorms activity alive look fatter sfo camera the lenses dirty thises and are in just a clean balance out there but we are looking academicians that level of force of family members coming in for the holiday weekend the again be delayed this evening average delay ride around an hour or so on arriving flights due to low visibility no problems for oakland's allen said lookit celebrate our picture is sopa likely conditions across the bay area rowing to see more sunshine heading into the weekend right now it is 77 rosella '60s and oakland 65 and san jose mid-60s and livermore and i come back to talk about the holiday for cassoulet no one '70s and '80s return. >> catherine: hustle district not autonomous security around bethel high school in been
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reporting and kron 4 news all week parents have been desperate for answers after a 17 year-old was shot and killed by high and the campus with asking questions, for scott rates was in vallejo some perspective on the violence. >> reporter: into a police car with it would not go on camera but did say that the shooting death of 17 year-old masked max rest was so isolated incident they have not seen an increase in crime are on the school because of that one of the check the cryostats for myself went to a website crime they get their crimes as directly from vallejo police department. >> reporter: that's where they had school is located in the week leading up to the shooting death of max russky concede for incidents and a seven day period person sitting right here may 4th petty theft the next incident happening may 7th aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and another incident a
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seventh robbery second-degree the may 13th just one day before ross was shot and killed outside the school you can see right there are robbery was reported and then on may 14th the murder of mass emax rusk the vallejo police arrested two suspects and i believe that the students are safe however max's father feels that simply isn't the case after a 17 year-old murder distance of iraq throw from a high school campus thou be the topic of discussion next to the for the memorial day holiday said francisco making a big announcement helping homeless veterans
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and for >> catherine: and
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remember people are protected from the sun just seen will then explain to parents need to know to take the perfect sunscreen for everybody in the family. >> reporter: the sun out can put away your coats and leather on a cut of sunscreen. >> reporter: brindle in " but kaiser in san francisco recommend spf 30 or higher also look for rods broad spectrum spectrum per section sunscreen is an essential tool in the fight against skin cancer have been applying it can start of a young age. and this and clearly stated that is safe to put sunscreen on children says this includes new ones to dislike lotions or sprays dr. dylan likes to fix screen and plan your eyes and give you a very
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nice protection it won't snare also need sunscreen on your lips. or a"sense cancer on the lips because of low rich blood supplies can to begin on the lips can go inside the body very quickly. protect >> reporter: of clothing will help to our cover-up by wearing gloves or hat. "the new note was reapplied every 30 minutes before going out and reapplied every two hours. putting on sunscreen now is a lot easier than it what happens when you don't. >> catherine: studies suggesting men not protecting their skin from the sun and as well as women cdc found only about 14 percent of men regularly use sunscreen and compared to about 30 percent of women. 6 per minimills' details
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at 530 the measure murder dc-8 what prosecutors believe he did not
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>> catherine: traffic could be even where more worse cousin is a holiday weekend coming up six workers will be doing on the bridge. >> reporter: whether will not get near will imagine like harley cloud conditions a live look at the embarcadero camera downtown san francisco is ticking for tonight was a cloudy and vacancy breezy spots once again a little bit spotty drizzle really like tamara partly to mostly cloudy today than sunday some patchy morning fog temperatures will be warming up and the wind speeds are about 25 m.p.h. in fairfield still
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pretty busy on the dull thud and oakland all 70 of parliaments and os de nevada on spending close conditions tonight you're ready for more sunshine and details on that coming up in the memorial holiday forecast little later >> grant: a big topic of the campaign trail declension washington with ticino when did she know what hillary clinton republican credits accuse the secretaries it of ignoring the threat of an attack on u.s. consulate then train to cover up her misjudgment but there is no evidence of that in the mills released today to detect as protests erupted around world over u.s. blocking of profit
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mohammad the first official statement referred to those protests only the " that some had sought to justify the deaths and the males release today reminds her of the exact wording letter e-mail's revealed the search for clarity asking in aid of odyssey a report that there was no mob at the consulate later intelligence indicated that it was a planned merrill terry operation. heavily armed men set fire to the building with rocket-propelled grad's ambassador and two marine guards were unable to escape. messages release represents 900 pages out of 55,000 stored on colin's private e-mail server or will be released in coming months all of them given to the house intelligence committee last february a campaign in new hampshire she says that shows orders make up their minds.
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>> grant: department post all this to hundred 96 e-mail's on its web site at the like to read them kron-4-dot-com we avoid that opposed to their >> grant: fbi arrested two california men planning to join isis. >> catherine: fbi says one man was taken into custody at lax the other arrested and anaheim both of them according to federal prosecutors expressed a desire to die as martyrs for rice's arrest came after an investigation by a joint terrorism task force made up of federal and local authorities the key suspect in the murder of for people to washington d.c. is in custody. after more than a week-long manhunt according to court documents prosecutors believe he did not fall pilaf those murders and arson of a home on his own. >>
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>> reporter: rexene with the u.s. marshals chord here and tell us what the suspect and a quadruple murder arson and washington d.c. if you live from washington to brooklyn and police sources say when he saw himself on television fled back to the d.c. metro area police spotted him leaving howard johnson motel room college park maryland been charged with first-degree murder while armed and appear in d.c. superior court friday the judge denied his bond. "bring all charges of the appropriate in the coming weeks" >> reporter: say his son housekeeper held hostage in their homes for more than a day when they were tortured eventually killed the mansion that lived in was torched court documents released friday afternoon show prosecutors also believed that went and did not
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quite correct excellent that his former client as uncapable the type of violence. a company it went went with its work force. >> catherine: is a story is looking into possible threats of a biker gang against officers and like a reason should out in waco sunday nine bikers were killed and a brawl between two rival gangs this is all the bikers' turn their weapons on them as they arrived at the scene that clear yet how many if anybody who was killed by police bullets indios king has had a hand up on texas trippers although the other officers in retaliation for the shooting holes in based on an aberration
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that has not been confirmed from informant threats include running over officers traffic stops in using grenades and molotov cocktails guns. people marline have a chance to make history voters they're deciding now to change the country's constitution so same-sex couples can get married and so partnerships already legal in ireland don't provide the same global protection the ballot is asking voters to say yes or no to a simple concept the two people can sleep legally married without extension to their sex. >> catherine: so expert says and by popular vote and so had 19 kids in counting on the air of the latest fallout in this small station scandal coming up then next city services go big announcement by helping homeless veterans as a fairly quiet day
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over the head of the holiday weekend the. dow down 53
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>> catherine: 7 francisco's mayor says that he does have money needed to kick off a new housing development and during kelly reports of the 5 million was donated from big players in the high-tech community
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>> reporter: many other construction projects around here this will be high-density housing more than a hundred units have of which reserved for low-income families other half for the formerly homeless that have served their country. "national anthem, at what the new home for"the for >> reporter: this development at the effort to answer for is not a bomb was challenged and homelessness for veterans. the cause close so they are spared the he unemotional talking about it. close"big through the veterans here" >> reporter: missileers that help the biggest target fast- track ceo mark leff also re- enter the workforce. as well to
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employment opportunities served in vietnam no. or he'll vote was himself was holes for time. and could use as catapult back then. for the"and half years now so as killing intended transition back and being a productive citizen. sitting in or related fit in" >> reporter: private-sector funding the project would it started about a year earlier than expected. chechens living in 2018. >> annie: deconditions we will be ready for some or whether and complete l.a. forecast coming up after the break
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>> catherine: islands of vallejo's school's big topic in the community especially after a 17 year-old was shot and killed behind his high school on top of this story all week into my kron 4 is at 6 another parent at the school district headquarters demanding answers and her daughter was the victim of violence on campus the knees or security and jury what happened when she showed up that that six. >> catherine: outraged at the family's six abuse can scandal pulled shut 19 kids and counting off the air. revealed that sons and jobs issue investigated for molesting five underage girls when he was a teenager and setter has more from los angeles. "joshed daughter of lee resigned from his job as his family faces harsh backlash from wanted during public in the wake of a
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daughter family bombshell the sun joshed admitting in loss of five goals allegedly family members when he was a young teen had parents awaiting a year before telling police and arkansas court reportedly destroying records and a victim's request damage control in full facts. "listens as the opposite colors of the community and churchgoing people righteous people people feel what they've been fooled. apologizing on this book in resigning as executive director as stellar research council of our forest bordering lobbying group. outrages overwhelming month tell why it williams twittering and hypocrisy of his anti-gay reading saying sorry josh is the. slime that gave
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people are danger kids now crushed under is. after a sadder and tonight and that the 830 fall by kron 4 is a. said you encounter some sun and clouds >> annie: a live look at the golden gate bridge on this friday night looks like will we'll see temperatures what finally in san francisco 61 a. oakland also lower 60s and laura san jose 55 degrees and santa
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rosa coming at 70 degrees right now what a storm tracker no radar returns right now the bay area but we are so trackings scattered showers for lightning associate with the storms they are going through cisco chalky also higher elevations now impacting areas right around south they talk so indicated by the blue heading for their no. of toward or in california border the main counter charges as well north and east of ukiah this evening and we will be finished with this drizzly pattern we did pick up a little damage results last 24 hours a month diabolo 400 rose 8100 you can see very small amounts here for under immortelle valley and a 500 and honda wednesday so breezy including places along the doubts the 25 lost power in fairfield 16 concord and 30 m.p.h. and oakland hayward so. 19 for san jose and wells still sees a response to the chair is right now mild and the north
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bay and '70s and rosa 07 is also fairfield close 63 and antioch right now so tonight extend my cycladic conditions once again crazy in school to offer saturday morning drizzle possible the really big spotty and will see that entablatures miles inland and then go looking and '70s to return for an line spots that even some days next week and looks to be nice for memorial day of the outdoor plans feature cast showing us a cloud cover once again coming in from the coast impacting places along the livermore valley in mind by 10:00 tonight than cloudy overnight and we could maybe pick up spotty drizzle indicated by the areas of great for tomorrow morning otherwise mosher be partly to mostly cloudy in the afternoon and then if you're in oakland you made the sea polyclitus conditions along the coast via stay cloudy the north they will have partial clearing and should be a previous state of the country. >> annie: 9 close in the '50s and warming up in the '60s and
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for oakland's 6569 in fremont and heading of release below seven is all muckrakes '76 and redwood also the '70s and pleasanton has for elsewhere across the bay area 62 downtown san francisco 69 san jose forecast for memorial day holiday weekend summit monday upper '70's a memorial day plenty of sunshine and will be really nice way to finish off the holiday weekend details and how much warmer gets a little bit later 35 years ago today legend was born pact may and may stay it be an gemini's arcade. have decades and billions of gonads later christian so it's a colorful history of pac-man. >> reporter: cereal boxes t- shirts and bedsheets and the star on saturday morning cartoons ramps appeared on the
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chilly virtually every bit game platform was hundred turning 35. born in tokyo 1918 partial names pac-man and after the japanese the chopper four-letter english word concern arcade dollars a game maker sold over $100 a arted views m fans pop culture phenomenon began. >> reporter: the starveling the was it successful video game's all-time according the guinness world book " most recognizable of video-game characters. thank creator said pac-man was meant
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to attract female gamers and span on the traditional male body is another revolutionary idea keep things interesting one simply to try to attack for c like it's easier abruptly changed course legend and our owner miss pac-man it's not as relevant today as ever as if it tumbled little stir in the beer commercials will 49. if the >> catherine: miss people behaving badly special airing at encore presentation this sunday night at 730 again at 1030 and stanley will show never before seen footage of some the best moments of people behaving badly this sunday here on kron 4. >> catherine: next five new
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movies opening this weekend.
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>> catherine: disease have a movie opening cut classics thriller get very good also raise has this week's now showing. >> reporter: georgia colony goes out of this world and more land. tomorrow land. plays an inventor
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who befriends a teenager golan journey with only exists in the collective memory forces trying to stop them from going there. the move it scared you as a kid culture voice poltergeist the spirits invading the home take when the children to bareback still made to work together. rated pg-13. >> catherine: anchorman texas to the bridge in napa county shut
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down because of last night's quake of the san mateo bridge the chp buses reception and lanes and close the bridge for send a for repairs we need now to get around and indeed for this holiday weekend. like her mother takes concerns right to school district headquarters why she left with even more frustration about campus security problems news continues next and kron 4 news at 6. my name is julia grinberg. i work in energy efficiency for pg&e here in san francisco. my job is to help my customers save money, save energy
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and save the environment. when it comes to renewable energy, pg&e is absolutely committed to creating a clean energy future. one out of every four solar rooftops in america is in our service area. it's wonderful to work in the city where i live and help my neighbors and i feel like the work that i do reflects that every single day. together, we're building a better california. >> catherine: information last night's earthquake in the north bank as we told u.s. 50 go cross road bridge is closed until
5:59 pm
further notice at. for cruise discover there are cracks in that bridge and kron 4 danny herman just arrived there live in napa county with the latest. >> reporter: the funny thing is that the august quake did not cause any of these cracks old age that caused the initial cracks and then it was yesterday's quake that made them even worse this is the bridge were talking about right behind me this is what is close between highway 29 and so brought a trail close to gaviria silicon shine to the main part of a problem as under the bridge. were the two structures are built to hold up the bridge and what is happening is that the structures have settled as a result of the saddling their existing cracks have grown even larger and when you have even larger cracks they decided that this bridge is no longer safe now they had plans to build a new bridge over the next two
6:00 pm
years and keep one lane open but the problem as that now the bridges becomes so unsafely can't do that and will probably fast-track a new bridge and keep this entire bridge close until they do. the issue under the bridge on the foundation of the structure the holes of the bridge that had existing cracks because the bridge is built in 1923 and as a result of that the cracks happen but the problem is unmentioned the structure has settled making the cracks even bigger any huge gouges below for the roadway and that is why you feel as if any more in this room will remain closed indefinitely will likely the construction project that was going to take two years might take one year alone have 3 map the whole plan. luckily to get between so raw trail and highway 29 there are lots of crossover roads so there are various ways people can get to where they need to go.
6:01 pm
>> catherine: upon sow 15 loss the year struck down tonight after being damaged their earthquake quick reported as but a five. for later downgraded to 4.8 and had just before noon several aftershocks have been reported since then so far and are reports coming in of any injury. happening now live look at santa abridged night and this hour away from the bridge shutting down for the entire holiday weekend is the second bridge closure this month. swanson of finish resurfacing projects caltrans is hoping it's that it's a holiday weekend and will help star raises live at the bridge tonight were some lines will be shutting down pretty soon. >> reporter: just checking tell you they will start those fleeing closures and about one
6:02 pm
hour from right now and where we will see lanes going this way both what east and west on sunday close out here instead of the way here to lose the right now traffic moving smoothly out here right now defilade not going to be the case here a few hours all the equipment all this: getting ready to go on the bridge to start that work over the weekend and the video from the last closure of the bridge two weeks ago of course all this out here at caltrans crews continue their repair work this is a regular upkeep on the bridge and resurfacing part of the bridge rewiring some of the electronics on the bridge all this needs to be done here on the bridge $39 million construction deal all across the bridge as their working on that it will be close all throughout this weekend and will reopen on monday out here so i work at all this last time this happened
6:03 pm
caused major traffic nightmare for drivers and they have these the dumbarton bridge bay bridge those bridges because of all the congestion that was calling from the san mateo bridge the gap backed up so really a lot of traffic and combine that with a holiday this time it will be about-dryers beware again we are under our tolling closures. against a monster in the lane closures and live tonight at 8:00 show you how those languages a going by the way i can tell you that they do hope to have everything reopened by monday at 5:00 a.m.. >> grant: clicker is still the whole weekend but prevailed because the stations ulysses shutdown no riders at those two stations during the tracks and between the shutdown will begin
6:04 pm
early tomorrow morning lasting till 8:00 a.m. monday embark does have a boss bridge all and that tripping can take up to an hour advising people to drive if you can crews performing this track maintenance which part says is absolutely necessary in order to keep the tracks open there will be more weekend closures from the coliseum stations through the end of the summer. the blood of the drinking supplies released the communities of vandals destroyed equipment and that costs nearly $50 million of water and pour into the bay pictures from partnership with abc seven authorities not try to figure out who wasted all that water. j. r. stone is a live in fremont tonight with the details. >> reporter: along that damn you see this line of trucks passing
6:05 pm
please tell me they're trying to find the violators in this case what year ago of the distance and show you you see the widish reddish robert that is this inflatable dam this say was intentionally head and see all the water down there the water to the right side is the water. silicon for clues in this case close earlier this afternoon i said could this be an act of terrorism and they told me at this point this case has not been turned over to the fbi and actively pursuing actively trying to figure out who did this-
6:06 pm
a robber >> grant: you looking at in the texaco gas station and paddling my agents to the court hear the red getting manhandled by the robber and multiple angles a show you happen may 11th now releasing surveillance video the having caught the suspect in what people did try to recognize him to robbers assaulting a woman behind the counter clerk not her fortunately and did not see a weapon but the guys did grab merchandise before taking office is the texaco pablum of will boulevard one in the afternoon and one suspect is described as a white guy the other nation gatt both between 20 and 30 years old. >> annie: like look at the bay bridge deceiving a lot folks getting out of town and looks like traffic really backed up both directions on the bay bridge deceiving no instance though reported a loss of
6:07 pm
traffic we are looking at race guys once again but the drizzly cloudy pattern and volunteers storm checker nor in our returns right now but if you're heading out toward tahoe. the third day holiday weekend will carry some showers and potentially even some thunderstorms and a little village associated telepathic are open now can that's good news heading out to the mountains for the weekend tablatures 67 cisco 70 cerros the coup in oakland at 6064 in livermore 63 in san jose and for some i was a cloudy breezy then tomorrow for lead mostly cloudy conditions expected to be little milder sunday even more yet after some patchy morning fog as my predecessor and cool time whether this way. for details on that coming up a little later. >> catherine: at south bay family outrage after the deal refuses to file charges that police shooting also parents
6:08 pm
told over safety on campuses and the state department released hundreds of private political and e-mail's but it what they reveal stretta had
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
>> catherine: criticizing a decision not filing charges in the case of tonya lopez that
6:11 pm
shine compotation with two university officers the orioles last year officers claimed lopez had threatened them with the tenant saw blade and refuse to drop an investigation by the d.a.'s office concluded the shooting was justified " as his partner disagrees calling it an outrage. mr."to get her up like this about a mile much as anything is going cut a good but after trying other advocates will never taste because the other families to go through this no other child has to lose a parent of like that supposed to protect us and the din that failed system failed filed a patrol lawsuit against university police calling on the state department of justice's conduct an independent investigation still had funeral tomorrow for no. 8 teenager killed in his
6:12 pm
school now another parent as raising concerns over safety after clearing her child was attacked california farmers now agreeing to cut back and during the historic drop.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> catherine: men kidnapped less i found safe this morning like dutch rent-a-car police say been embarked for ransom and has been gone for released hours police track down the car and hay were looking a video shot by a bystander officers approached a suspect sped off and ended up crashing into another car police arrested two people the man was stopped sofa in the current truck with his hands and see a bounce back home tonight told police he doesn't know why he was kidnapped working and getting more details on the story for report tonight on the kron 4 news at 8. >> catherine: tomorrow funeral for a like a teenager shot and
6:16 pm
killed near his high-school 17 year-old max rust gunned down in the canal but directly behind the desk has will to people behind bars chart treasurers max's phalluses the torah in the afternoon and the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints and monsanto's core of vallejo. say they're fed up with the school district's refusal to address campus security for students today and mother of a child beaten at a vallejo school. shula to the district office asking for answers kron 4 has leak was winter. >> reporter: chao was benignant as a lot of bells will adjust less weight shot to death near vallejo high-school then the superintendent dr. ramona bishop refuses to just parents concerns regarding school safety. the
6:17 pm
dial williams of the vallejo unified school district office for one reason. "ask her directly about the 63 years there is this question nothing was done" >> reporter: impromptu visit earlier we were told superintendent was not here but wenner would return around 2:00 p.m. so here we are a new security finance procedure has been put in place since the last time the donnell williams was here.. that's after rewriting
6:18 pm
administrative assistant promise williams the bad news. dr. mitchell once again not available to hear the concerns of parents regarding the safety of students avoid those schools . "all parents have the caballeros schools should be a as concerned and addressing this issue as well because someone say this again as my child to validate it was this other families child tomorrow to come back to school napier's. >> grant: historic growing impact in california farmers during the drought that could
6:19 pm
trickle-down impact current prices in stores today state water board regulators in seven farmers offer to reduce their water use by will 25 percent and they sent some farmers the delta sacramento's among teen reverse all our crops growing in those areas several hundred farmers made the offer after some officials want their about the mandates on the first cut some first in 30 years the farmers have long standing water rights >> catherine: on our web site where the flags on heineken's conserve water, clear water use an interactive map shows which cities in the bay area are best equipped to survive the drought kron-4-dot-com >> annie: abuse more rain the whole deal with that drought not again really see any in the next several days as our cold drizzly pattern comes to an end live look at sfo camera and that
6:20 pm
runs a little bit dirty and the declining conditions this evening if he ever loved ones flying and sfo receiving the delayed average delay about an hour and do the load divisibility no delays for oakland and san jose airports the unsettling radar picture once again saw some spotty results earlier today but released by again more organized showers at the lake tahoe area and northward ukiah oregon california border the episcopal better reymont diablo last 24 hours for hundreds of an inch little bit of rose peak and sfo also san jose 107 and a total for 105 hundred in just a little bit tablatures right now 59 san francisco close '70s and santa rosa 54 livermore so fairly comfortable lot there is cool in places like oakland and along the coast and the mid-50s including daily city so. breezy for some spots 24 fairfield and then 17 in livermore and will
6:21 pm
hold on to the preconditions here's a look if you trick cassie conceit cloudy skies once again tonight and they will increase and thicken threat the overnight hours. a chance for little drizzle over night and tomorrow morning soviet beet leaving hit a nerve morning in countering cut clotting conditions may be somewhat roads overall for the most part will be dry in the bay area by the afternoon we see some clearing for the north bay parses a spate including concord and oakland but it safe to say it must apply for much of the day with peaks of sunshine temperatures will be mild for some spots including places like redwood city. some mid-60's tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. balaton around 67 degrees and so low 60s and half moon bay little farther south close '70s and san clara 71 campbell 69 as san jose and equable degrees to the numbers all immemorial day forecasts for weekend temperatures slowly climb
6:22 pm
through sunday and monday. the figure monday will seize 70 as sunspots and liver polaris' next week. or butter 74 castle little bit later. >> catherine: larry clinton sounding off in the hundreds of private e-mail's in the state department later new information on the big oil spill in southern california.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine: department releasing 55,000 e-mail's to and from larry klein and this all the secretaries day all stored on a clinton family private e- mail server 900 pages of messages made public today often have the attack on u.s. consulate and a gauzy libya chris stevens the other americans were killed today clans of the mail should be available to all americans the consider their choice for president.
6:26 pm
"department at the vast majority of those." >> catherine: accuse clinton to a cover-up the ministration failure to rent the attack the evidence of that on the hundreds of messages posted today and the state department web site much more news ahead at 630 preparations underway to ask closure of the senate to abridge vandals strike an east bay damn nearly 50 million gal. of drinking water poured into the bay and the family claims to have found glass in their belief officials say not so fast test uncovered. >> annie: drizzly conditions coming to an end on will have your star tracker 74 cast coming up and covered his back a couple
6:27 pm
is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology plus 36-month special financing. ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> reporter: half-hour away from the scheduling closure lungs 7 tel bridge east and west bound its ceilings treading on one of the time at 7:00 tonight and on the bridge will shut down completely at 10:00 flight not reopen until sunday workers will be out here for the second round of work repairing certain areas. >> reporter: brutalizes and purpose this is water that would unused and households talent at this point no suspect descriptions have been given out and no arrests have been made
6:31 pm
after several failed attempts by parents to get some kind of reaction from the superintendent regarding the safety of their children in the school (of the soon detected a vallejo's school campus said that if the superintendent will go to paris this current will come divert peres told that that should return but turns out she didn't. >> reporter: 38 year-old antonio lopez shot and killed and the glory 21st 2014 after he allegedly attacked officers with a saw blade near campus and they
6:32 pm
say witnesses to clot cruck collaborated of has defied orders to drop the weapon also methamphetamine and has assembled as family calls and a gentleman who would harm anyone and criticize the investigation as a whitewash the will call on the state department of justice to conduct independent destination because between highway 29 and silverado trail the issue is the foundation work the structure that holds up the bridge existing cracks already now let's structure as started to settle and those cracks become bigger and thus the bridge is now and save in the next couple weeks they're going to start or placed a project for this 1923 bridge those of us to take two years only one lane
6:33 pm
open now that claimed the plan has to be scrapped as disparate as close in its entirety and all have to make an entirely new bridge hopefully they say they can get that done when it in one year kron-4-dot-com and this >> catherine: a gauge and determined agra's he was not charged glass or other foreign object to them identified the shiny material assault been reported tuesday customer commercial outlet and oakley returned five punts leaps to the store packaged by the harris ranch because salt dissolves with moist moisture the so apparently had been added after the me left to their facility as a precaution and had been temporarily removed from the shelves alert about salmonella outbreak linked to rock tune of
6:34 pm
53 people have been second the public health department says most of the cases are here in the state but the protests spread to nine other states 10 people hospitalized an exact source of the poisoning and has not known yet, and on health officials say it's a bit good reminder the risks of eating and coast tuna. >> >> catherine: up continues 792 people on the scene tuesday underground pipe ruptured filling about all hundred 5,000 gal. of crude oil 21,000 gal. reached the ocean as of today only about 9,500 gal. of oil had been removed cyril rescue teams in the sea lion covered on all oil taken to a wildlife care center in treated
6:35 pm
their workers say the sea lion was very lethargic and emaciated they are optimistic that will will survive. >> annie: we see cloudy skies outside and break come gloomy drizzle the pattern we saw last the data summarizes the 60 degrees. also a '60s oakland said jose 6. before livermore and santa rosa year the miles bought at 70 degrees right now elegancies some sunshine for the afternoon all of your kron 4 storage record set by iran are pictures little bit and drizzle with us for parts of a area overall is a was a cloudy day 0/or activity has been once again a matter of the tahoe area of north and finally break this pattern as a wheat ridge of high pressure ridge is in here highs
6:36 pm
for today 72 nap but mid-60's in redwood city of and at the 64:00 it is in their moros of getting in the lower '70s all right close will be 57 cisco 54 and san jose tablatures will be warming up those '70s and the north bay and the ever more of the upper 60s and san jose is a storm trackers sunday on the day forecast so tomorrow parley mostly cloudy at temperatures a little milder and then on sunday a little more sunshine for the afternoon across the area of. san francisco also mid-70s and land monday at memorial day upper 70's under sunny conditions and then even warmer for tuesday and next week ended wednesday., >> catherine: severances mon- khmer its emotional for support in homeless sessions
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> catherine: buses go madly
6:40 pm
john started a housing development for homeless veterans sells for ceo mark benny off to help come up with the $5 million needed for fast- track the money means for 101 units will be going up the mission bay parking lot please see here about a year of heterosexual men but also provide job training and employment assistance. "men and women who risked their lives for freedom and that's just not acceptable man woman especially those hirsute serve our country should make sure that this illustrates every community every leader every american can step up to do more for our veterans. >> catherine: the veterans will be able we move into new homes
6:41 pm
in 2018 might call it a plan such as prodigy all the year-old sacramento boy the youngest of college graduates in california . hillside villa doctor must be a medical researcher sunday he says he will be president of the united states flower of entertainment news of the top there are 70 insider followed by entertainment tonight 730 and then we're back with kron 4 news at
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: a spent a great season for the warriors very few things a gone wrong finally close something today and getting off the ground and oakland the half-hour wait and assess what we heard. "because that the great players and western conference final two great teams going head-to-head prayer at this local this deep in the playoffs and it doesn't
6:46 pm
happen. >> gary: busy praising teresa a top model for plant and 1.1 less stipe's ken ryan, to talk and mixed will be brines less. to make 25 million class a last class with the lakers now weapons if the lakers win the championship targets mother players.
6:47 pm
>> gary: you like to be made by u2 nice. >> catherine: for day. can >> gary: trustees we shall do this and other will smith by that i may laurel's math a milwaukee brewers suspended eight games for an sofa and is pitching our for a game last in plant site but never says yes you caught me and then you see not as rigorous their he's going to appeal i believe what i told you and and directed for having sunscreen on his right forearm. they lost and won what headlines
6:48 pm
i became the first day football player to be drafted quite brown paper by the rams and the north and the aftershock given a shot with the montreal outshot and the canadian like this and sent to a two-year contract also a chance for the dallas cowboys i got press the practice 97 and the 500 credit to go on sunday at memorial day weekend its race time with and that was called glemp town i have a glamorous community for pending sunday's race between 911 hundred bucks costa hang out at the lamp town yet cold and beds will unclean says bed so this guarantee this if i ever said to lisa how about legal it left town.
6:49 pm
>> gary: go camping good go enjoy yourself the such its clampdown is the races on sunday. >> gary: as car the first player to bring his kid to a press conference? as the doppler our social media audibly was talking about a four point game last night on point game and then the senate enough to me average american says was the key this is great but there are few guys whose job depends on getting little " the bottom
6:50 pm
line even if it did not wait a would have the courage to go against the little girl. "james is as good as jordan " >> gary: was up the sky physical strength koses better than jordan lot of people that like cameras because they can strategize school i can't prove this but jordan went to north carolina the one national championship michael jordan come right out high-school i could be totally wrong but i think my guess is perception by some people the system is still some
6:51 pm
people that statism to turn off every was like and be a great world and a bother me at all bother you. such a"high you dressed and solid credit of as "." >> gary: outfitting as lady of the promoters of an outgoing the high school all-star game and said was a six so there we go to selling about social media. just really have the basic rate and blood is on their door promote themselves promoting myself america can that's appropriate. only a"guy who gets sentimental
6:52 pm
park" those like >> gary: for stadium at yorkton there with my dad the world series yankees and giants said if there is a must be awful thing ever saw that is a dump and torn down completely soon if first day of madison ave. "2015 how can you not carry a found a fallephone" >> gary: 7 pitches every time there have been news director gave pager life you can't touch my for 20 years a great history of the ocean technology.
6:53 pm
>> catherine: policy in this year look at how the weather will shape up stay with
6:54 pm
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>> catherine: trouble dictionary adding a lot of new words including morgan now has an additional 6500 words including somewhat limited to social media technology among them tell us one more holiday weekend. >> annie: quiet physical limits skies drizzly conditions coming to an end tomorrow political was
6:57 pm
declared in a little milder but it really feel the warmth starting sunday monday and the holiday place for joining us everyone hope this you at a clock.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. the shocking report from josh duggar. >> the oldest son is now apologizing. >> "19 kids and counting" sex abuse scandal causing public outrage as josh duggar confesses to molesting underage girls when he was a young teen. >> marriage is between one man and one woman. >> tlc's holier than thou family comes under fire, but what punishment does josh face? then, red nose day celebrity cameos were insane. >> oh, god. i'm stuck. >> from the "game of thrones" musical to julia roberts' real voice. >> they revoiced me in every movie i do. >> plus, is the new search for their young one over? >> we were very young ones once.
7:00 pm
>> a long, long time ago. >> why the outspoken raven symone is whoopi's first choice. >> everyone is going to be mad at me for saying this. and controversial comedienne margaret cho comes to the defense of cosby's accusers. >> there's no way women would lie about rape. >> now hollywood from inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! red hot outrage today. the duggar family sex abuse scandal. >> this is "the insider." what has so many people upset is tlc ran a "19 kid and counting" marathon even in the wake of revelations that josh duggar, the poster boy for christian family values, was arrested for molesting five, yes, five underage girls when he himself was a teen. >> listen, you have to understand, this is a family so pious they make the osmonds look edgy. now josh abruptly resigned from his job as they face harsh backlash from a once adoring public as shameful family secrets come to light. let's go inside the duggars. >> shocking reported from josh dugga


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